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  • 3 Tips on How to Buy the Right TV Stand

    In this week's how-to guide, we at Wishack Online decided to tackle one of our most frequently asked questions, What's the Right TV Stand for Me?

    There are lots of options available, and lots of questions to ask yourself before making a purchase. Do I want corner or regular stand? Do I want glass or wood? How much storage do I need for DVDs and AV equipment? Here we've broken it down into three, simple steps to make your shopping experience that much easier.

    How Heavy is My TV?

    Like many households, you may now have purchased a flat screen or flat panel TV. These tend to be lighter but need a wider base to sit on properly. Because the television carries most of the weight in the center of the TV base, you want to ensure that your stand doesn't sag in the center. Additional center supports are also important to keep your furniture. Try to keep this trick in mind: The shelf where your TV sits, should have extra supports every 2 feet to keep it sturdy.

    TV Stand or Wall Mount?

    This is another important question to address before purchasing a TV stand. Sometimes, it's easier to have a wall mount for space-saving reasons but also because they are easier to move. An articulating wall mount is one of the most convenient options because of the range it can tilt. If you have an open floor plan living room/kitchen area, it allows you a lot of versatility to tilt the TV to your needs in order to make the most of your space. Watch the game in full view so that everyone can enjoy!

    What Are My Storage Options?

    Before you buy, focus on your storage needs first. Do you have a lot of audio visual equipment like DVD players, gaming systems and movies? Additional storage for these components will keep everything neat and tidy. If you have a lot of receivers, consider a tower or stacking TV stand, one with multiple shelving options. Stands with doors that swing out with built-in media storage are also ideal.

    Be sure to keep in mind how you want to utilize your space and with this guide, the rest will be easy.

  • Home Decor 101: Make it Modern in 3 Easy Steps

    On this week's Home Decor post, we at Wishack, wanted to show you some simple steps to get a fresh, modern look for your bedroom.

    Maybe it was part of your New Year's resolution, maybe you just always wanted a change, or perhaps you're just itching to increase the feng shui in your bedroom. Whatever the case, we've outlined 3 Steps to update your living space to have that modern design you've always craved.

    Step 1: Make it Minimal

    Yes, we know. Interior design makeovers don't necessarily champion the idea of affordability but the truth is that you can do a lot with a little ingenuity and dedication.

    Bedroom Sets

    Take for example, the example of the room above. It's urban, clean, and fresh. The entire bedroom suite has visual appeal because of the use of color and simple design as opposed to more intricate features that are generally associated with traditional design styles. Now ask yourself, why is this appealing? Because it doesn't take a lot to find affordable options. Minimalism can help decrease costs. You don't need a bed with a foot board, your dresser doesn't need to sit on flutted legs, and you don't need heavy drapery for window coverings. Less is definitely more here.

    Step 2: Reduce, Reuse, and Refurbish!

    You've spent lots of time saving up to buy yourself a new bedroom set, maybe a cocktail table, or a TV stand that will make your flat screen look as sleek and shiny as possible. But before you get ready to purchase, take a moment and look over your current furniture. Changing hardware on case goods like dressers and nightstands can work wonders. If you're more worried about color, look into purchasing stains as opposed to paints. If your furniture is made of solid wood, then a stain might set better but be sure to ask a professional before you purchase.

    Step 3: Invest in Quality Pieces

    There's a pervasive notion that when it comes to interior design style, you can buy cheap because it'll be easier to change it in the future. However, that's not always the case in our daily lives. How many of you have hung onto that dresser from college because it's actually a good size but it's starting to show wear and light wood grain just isn't you anymore? Focus on quality, remember even if it isn't solid wood, it can still be a solid piece. Engineered woods and veneers aren't bad materials, they are actually built to withstand years of usage, it's the proper construction of these ready-to-assemble items that really matters.

  • How to Get Over Your Furniture Pet Peeves

    There are plenty of pet peeves you can have about furniture and home decor in other people's houses, too many pillows on the bed, decorative vases everywhere, chevrons in every nook and cranny, and many more!

    But what of the furniture itself? What do you do when you've just moved into your new home and you have the opportunity to decorate the way you've always dreamed. If money were no option and your budget was endless, would you spend hours in a boutique retail store looking for that perfect mirrored cocktail table? Or would you go for functional furniture over decorative touches? Continue reading

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